Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173215

राजकीय महाविद्यालय, कण्डाघाट

Govt Degree College, Kandaghat

Fee Structure

Fees & Funds

(As approved by the Government/ Himachal Pradesh University Shimla)
Annual Charges Monthly charges
Admission Fee ₹ 25.00 Tuition Fee (Boys & Non Himachali Girls) ₹ 50.00
Registration Fee (to be paid online) HP Board ₹ 200.00 Amalgamated Fund ₹ 25.00
Other Boards ₹ 400.00 Building Funds ₹ 10.00
University Continuation Fee ₹ 10.00 Rovers & Rangers Fund ₹ 5.00
University Holiday Home ₹ 1.00 Sports Fund ₹ 20.00
Youth Welfare Fee ₹ 15.00 Music Practical Fund ₹ 15.00
University Sports Fee ₹ 15.00
Students Aid Fund ₹ 2.00 Practical Fund (Per Year per subject)
House Examination Fund ₹ 80.00 Geography/ Music/ Physical Education ₹ 180.00
Computer and Internet Facility ₹ 20.00 Computer Practical (Commerce / IT) ₹ 180.00
Book Replacement Fund ₹ 25.00 Chemistry/ Physics/ Botany/ Zoology ₹ 240.00
Indian Red Cross Society Fund ₹ 40.00 Late payment of dues per day ₹ 1.00
NCC ₹ 10.00 Re-admission Fee and Fines
Culture Activity ₹ 20.00 Re-admission Fee First Time ₹ 100.00
Furniture Repair /Repl. ₹ 10.00 Second Time ₹ 200.00
Library Security (Refundable) Only for 1st Year ₹ 100.00 Late return of Library book per book per day ₹ 1.00
Identity Card ₹ 10.00 Late admission Fee ₹ 10.00
College Magazine ₹ 50.00 Absence & Other Fines Absentee per period ₹ 1.00
Medical Fund ₹ 6.00
Campus Beautification & Dev. Fund ₹ 10.00 Absence per Practica ₹ 3.00
University Development Fund (only for 1st year) For General Students ₹ 250.00 Absence from House Test per paper ₹ 10.00
For BPL Students ₹ 100.00
  1. The above fees and funds are subject to change as per HPU/HP Government Instructions. If the fee is revised, the students will have to pay the revised fee or the Himachal Pradesh University charges as decided by HPU from time to time.
  2. PTA Fund, as decided by the PTA, shall be taken annually.
  3. On migration from other institutions, funds for the entire session shall be charged and tuition fee shall be charged from the time of joining the College.
  4. On migration from other institutions, funds for the entire session shall be charged and tuition fee shall be charged from the time of joining the College
  5. Rs. 100.00 will be charged extra from students migrating from other colleges on account of Library Security.
  6. Fine, if any, from the students will be collected in the month of February – March, 2023

Rules regarding the payment of College Dues

  1. Tuition fee shall be charged for 12 months (June to May) as per schedule. At the time of admission students will have to pay the fees for one year.
  2. Those who pay the College dues after the dates fixed for their class will have to pay the fine for the delay.
  3. Fine once paid will not be refunded.
  4. The students who do not pay their dues as per scheduled dates will be charged late fee at rate notified by the government from time to time.
  5. Tuition fee from the bonafide Himachali girl students will not be charged.
  6. Student with physical disability above 40% will not be charged fee or funds (Notification No. 4-51/2015-HPU(Acad) dated 25-07-2015).
  7. Students must keep the fee receipt safe throughout the session, as a proof of their admission and to claim the refund after graduation.
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